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NVIDIA's 1280x720 res 1080p demo


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1920x1080 isn't quite what it used to be. Especially if it's being played on a 1440x900 resolution screen, from a video file marked 1280x720. That is what the pictures revealed when The Inquirer spent a little time looking behind the scenes of an apparently 1080p demo NVIDIA showed on a Toshiba laptop at Computex.

Damning evidence of a wide-ranging resolution conspiracy or even even an indication that NVIDIA or Toshiba's hardware isn't up to snuff? No, and we fully expect for them to come out tomorrow and tell us how there were two different laptops. Unfortunately however, it means with 1080p becoming such a powerful buzzword, we'll have to remain extra vigilant to make sure we are getting all the pixels we've been promised.

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