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Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray player really IS delayed: October 25


The internet went ablaze a couple weeks ago when someone finally noticed that the Sony BDP-S1 Blu-ray player had been delayed until August on their SonyStyle website (even though it had been like that since April). Now, our friends at HDBlog have noticed that the date has changed again, now shipping on or about October 25th.

Ouch. Although as HDBlog notes, SonyStyle is sometimes delayed in receiving new products, until now their website has reflected the exact expected shipping date of Sony's Blu-ray player so we believe it still does. There have been reports that Sony's hardware is still far from ready, and this could support that conclusion, or may be they are just waiting for better quality movies to be available. Another theory suggests they are delaying the BDP-S1 to increase drive availability for the Playstation 3 and alleviate shortages.

Whatever the cause, HD DVD is on the ground and gaining momentum, if the BDP-S1 keeps slipping, the PS3 may end up being Sony's first Blu-ray release.

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