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Sony joins S500 club with new 6 megapixel shooter


Even though Sony already had a budget-oriented 6 megapixel Cybershot, it looks like they've been jonesing for a S500-titled model like all the cool manufacturers have. We are a bit proud of those creative minds at Sony for breaking the general "name predicts megapixel" mould and sticking a 6 megapixel CCD in their DSC-S500, but there really isn't a lot else going on here that we didn't see in this camera's predecessor, the S600. In fact, the S500 has less included memory (24MB instead of 32MB) lower-res video (QVGA instead of VGA) and a smaller ISO range (80-400 instead of 80-1000) than the S600. Still, the new 3x zoom camera does manage a half-inch larger 2.5-inch LCD, and is a bit thinner than the S600. No word on price, or if Sony is planning on selling these two side-by-side, but we're sure Sony's naming committee is high-fiving each other right now for sneaking this one through.

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