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Microsoft: "no plans for a price drop this fall" [update 1]


Microsoft's latest announcement, via group manager of PR and communications John Porcaro, claims, "The official word from folks in the know is that there are currently no plans for a price drop this fall." This statement was featured in a post on Porcaro's Gamerscore Blog, which reads more like an advertisement than a declaration:

"If you've been holding off ... wait no longer! ... [It] takes a mere $299 (US) to join the next generation ... You can add a hard drive and wireless controllers when you have a few extra bucks ... [This] holiday as some people go broke because they're forced to buy movie technology with their game console, you'll be choosing from a 160 games ... Pick one up on the way home from work ... You know you want to..."

Shameless marketing spiel aside, it's not safe to assume that there won't be an Xbox 360 price drop this holiday. Still, there are a few good reasons why Xbox 360's current price is right. Consider that Microsoft already has a considerable lead in next-gen console sales, 360's current price range fits comfortably between the PS3's and Wii's, and there will be plenty of units in stock when the other guys are nowhere to be found. Go ahead and wait, Xbox 360 will be there -- and it might be your only option.

Update: we don't 'assume' because it makes an ass out of u & me.

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