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HDBeat Podcast 019 - 06.27.06

Ben Drawbaugh
We had a short week this week because of last weeks delay, but that didn't stop us from filling a 45 minute show. After we review last weeks comments we cover Joshua's ask HDBeat question and move on to more HD DVD vs Blu-ray news, I know , I know , big surprise. We talk a little about the TWIT gang and thank them for their plug. We also try to spread awareness about the broadcast flag.

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Ben Drawbaugh and Matt Burns.

Ben Drawbaugh

46:31, 22 MB, MP3

The Broadcast Flag is back
Ask HDBeat: Where are the built-in ATSC turners for laptops
Audioholics: Ten reasons why high-def DVD formats have already failed
Toshiba is selling the HD DVD players below cost
Toshiba RD-A1 standalone HD DVD burner: $3500
Panasonic DMP-BD10 Blu-ray player priced, accesorized
Ask HDBeat: HDTV calibration round-up
A hard lesson taught by APEX
TWIT and


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