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C1's not-a-UMPC UMPC

Ryan Block, @ryan

When's a UMPC not a UMPC? When it's a Micro PC, like the Vaio UX. But when's a UMPC a UMPC... that's not a UMPC? Well, C1 claims to be one, but from what we understand it's not running Tablet with Touch Pack -- just XP -- so while you're getting a very small 2.6 pound 1.6-inch thick device with a 1GHz Via Eden, 80GB drive, 1GB DDR RAM, 8.4-inch SVGA display, PC slot, 3-hour battery, Bluetooth, 802.11b/g, and Ethernet, what you're not getting is an ultramobile PC / Origami / whatever you want to call it. But if those otherwise decent specs weren't enough to convince you of this $1,900 US device's merit outside the UMPC space, peep all those feature logos. Audio recording, MP3 playback, and freakin' 360° rotation, dude! This thing is so obviously an EUMPC; hells yes that E is for "extreme."

[Via TabletPCBuzz and JKOTR]

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