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eMac LCD conversion hack

Dan Lurie

This is cool. At my repair job, when someone brings in a broken eMac which turns out to have a bad analog board, we don't think twice about telling then that all is lost. Replacing an analog board on all but the newest machines would cost more than the machine is worth. This guy, however, decided not to give up so easily. He picked up a cheap LCD display at Sam's Club and went to work turning his old broken CRT eMac into a functioning LCD eMac. Some elbow grease and a scavenged power supply later, and our intrepid hacker has the lightest, least power hungry, and coolest running eMac in existence.

Despite the fact that this process requires fully disassembling your eMac, for someone who feels comfortable working on the insides of machines, this is a great way to salvage what would otherwise be a very heavy shiny white doorstop.

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