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HD-DVDs outshine Blu-Ray, oh dear

Nick Doerr

Even though the poll results here say that Blu-Ray is fine by us, there are still many sources of criticism saying the new format is balderdash. At the Centre Daily Times, an article compares the two formats from the layman's view before reading critical reviews which seem to change his attitude about the format. Perhaps change is too harsh a word ... he seems to accept their views more than his own opinion.

When the man, Thaddeus Mark, views a Blu-Ray demo in motion, he "was very impressed and left with no reason to think Blu-ray would be anything but incredible in production form." You do have to consider that the Blu-Ray demo was in a fantastic atmosphere, guarded closely by Sony personnel. Still, perhaps that was the atmosphere Sony wanted the Blu-Ray to amaze in: home theaters, surround sound ... but Sony personnel are hopefully optional.

Thaddeus goes on to say that HD-DVD looked good as well, was receiving praise from critics while Blu-Ray was getting "universal scorn". The quotes from the critics are quite vicious -- if Blu-Ray were a child in a talent show, it would cry for hours and never perform in public again.

Is Blu-Ray dead in the water so soon after launch? Perhaps, perhaps not. Maybe it's the player itself that's having trouble. Maybe the first round of discs aren't that hot. Sony was smart in one aspect: they didn't make the PS3 the first Blu-Ray enabled device. Now there is time to improve.

[Kudos to RedSam for this tidbit!]

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