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Creators of Crysis crave PS3 programmers

Nick Doerr

Crytek, makers of the PC shooter Crysis, are searching for people to bring their new engine, CryEngine 2.0, to the consoles. The developers have recently posted job listings and requirements for PS3 programmers and the prerequisites are fairly steep. If any of us meet these criteria, don't be shy -- apply! Even though this application is stated specifically for the Playstation 3, one requirement should stick out: "Experience with next generation cross-platform development."

This brings up a few questions -- could Crysis be ported to multiple consoles someday? Crytek has admitted to working on other projects, some completely different genres, for next-gen consoles. What kind of a game would we like to see come to the PS3 from these guys? Any specific genre? Heck, what genre in general are people looking forward to seeing on the PS3?

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