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Sotec's budget e-three laptops, the 12-inch HS310 and 15-inch HA310


We just saw their WinBook DN800 17-incher, and now Sotec is filling in the other end of the spectrum with their e-three HS310 12-inch and HA310 15-inch laptops. Sporting an XGA display, up to a Pentium M 770 2.13GHz processor, and other piddling specs, the HS310 starts at $1040, while the HA310 bottoms out at $867. For those prices you'll get a mere Celeron M 380 processor, 256MB of RAM ad 40GB HDD, and XP Home. Optical drives are optional for both units, and things don't get much more exciting in the build to order options, but at least the HS310 keeps it thin and light at a mere 3.6 pounds. Hardly sounds like a 2006 release, but we're sure Sotec will find a few budget buyers of the lappys all the same.

[Via Impress]

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