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ByD:sign / EyeFi's 1080p LCD TVs for Japan and beyond


Here ya go TeeVee fans, 5ish new models straight out of Japan. We know it hurts to see all this not-for-the-US tech coming through but just hang with us on these, 'cause from the looks of it, they'll be available on these golden shores under the EyeFi branding soon enough. The five HDMI-equipped sets break down into 37, 32, and 27-inchers capable of 1920x1080, 1366x768, and 1280x720 pixels respectively. Each model features an ISDB-T Hi-Vision (high definition) digital tuner for Japan (with ATSC and DVB-T tuners on the way for the US and beyond). The big, bad, 37-inch LF-3701DFK (pictured) brings a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, 8-millisecond response, and 176-degree visibility along with the usual in and outs consisting of S-Video, 2 x composite, Japanese D4, and RGB. And fortunately, that speaker sprouting below the panel can be chucked for a cleaner look when attached to your home audio system. The two 32-inch models -- LW-3202DFK and LW-3201DFK -- are the same panels only with fixed speakers mounted either below, or along sides of the LCD. Same story on those 27-inchers -- the LW-2702DFK and LW-2701DFK -- with the former also offering that 1366x768 pixel resolution seen by the 32-inch models. Prices are set to range from ¥99,800 to ¥199,800 (or about $863 to $1,729) when these panels hit the streets of Japan starting today -- righteous pricing by the time these panels hit the US.

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