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The Engadget Linux 5G iPod theme!

Ryan Block, @ryan

We know some of you out there supposedly have iPods, and we're assuming since you're an Engadget reader, the likelihood of that iPod running Linux is at least slightly higher than average. If you fit the profile, check out our main man Goemon4's Engadget theme for 5G iPods running Linux. Besides having a better interface than our site, you can wow your nerd bros with a geek threefer: Engadget + iPod + Linux. For ultimate Engadget nerd-dom load 'er up with Engadget Podcasts, outfit Firefox with the Engadget search engine plugin, and hit up the Engadget Mac Dashboard widget.

P.S. -If you haven't noticed, chances are if you build some fun Engadget related tool, plugin, or software, we'll post about it!

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