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RIM files patent for something camera-related

Chris Ziegler

After reading United States Patent Application Publication No. US 2006/0146140, re-reading it, and reading it yet again, we're still having trouble busting through the patent-speak to make heads or tails of what exactly RIM is trying to get at in the 2004 filing. To quote, the patent covers a digital camera and "and a wireless control apparatus. The digital camera wirelessly transmits the digital signal to the wireless control apparatus. The wireless control apparatus includes a display device, such as an LCD, for displaying a displayed image based on the digital signal." The best we can figure is that RIM is looking to use a BlackBerry to control a digital camera, or possibly to use another device to control the camera within a future RIM device. Either way, we're a little confused about the value of the feature (self portraits, maybe?), but it does jive with what RIM's been saying lately, and as they say in the patent world -- file now, ask questions later.

[Via BBHub]

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