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MediaCentral 2

David Chartier

We blogged MediaCentral back in November when it was just a fledgling beta, offering but a glimpse of what was to come. Now, it's all growed up into version 2, which is (typically) the age when an app begins to show maturity and solidifies into its true form, and mature it has - MediaCentral has added a serious batch of new features that are simply too lengthy to cover in their entirety. Highlights include: IP TV, Google Video and YouTube integration, DVB-T support (a wireless TV standard in Europe, Asia and Africa), Windows Media codec support (with Flip4Mac installed), bookmarking in media files for easy resuming, interactive classic arcade games that support the Apple Remote and ATI Remote Wonder, network streaming/storage support and much more.

MedialCentral 2 requires Mac OS X 10.4, and a demo is available. A single licenses costs $29.95, with a 3-pack selling for $39.95, and a 5-pack for $59.95.

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