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Apple logo on Sony PS3 site a mystery

David Chartier

Joystiq, a sister blog, has been following an odd story about an Apple logo and a Sony PS3 site. As you can see from the image, an Apple logo *blips* at the beginning of a PS3 Flash promo movie at Sony's site (it has since been 'fixed', but Joystiq links to a copy of the original movie here). Their investigation has more or less resulted in dead ends; at first the logo was thought to be a watermark left by creating the movie in a trial version of Shake. As it turns out, trial versions of Shake don't allow saving to begin with.

The issue has turned into a bit of a mystery, as Apple (of course) hasn't made any sort of comment, and Sony apparently promised a statement but has yet to deliver.

In the meantime, we'll forgo speculation and leave the rumoring up to you readers.

[thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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