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Pong clock unboxing, finally

Stan Horaczek

It seems like ages ago when we first laid our eyes on the nostalgic hotness that is the Pong clock, but now it has finally made its way into the greedy hands of the select few consumers who punked down for theirs, and there are pictures to prove it. The unboxing shows --as one might expect -- the unit as it goes from its packaging to the wall, where it looks incredibly small when compared to an iMac (the actual display is only 12 x 16cm). Another picture of a letter that accompanied the unit, certifies that at least one of the 400 units being produced has now been accounted for, so you better get your $240 order into designer Buro Vormkrijgers soon, if they're not already sold out. Oh, damn, they are. All the more reason to enjoy the unboxing, eh?

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