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Pull-handle alarm clock concept

Stan Horaczek

No matter how much sleek design, aromatherapy, USB power, WiFi connectivity, advanced technology or medieval torture companies manage to cram into their alarm clocks, they still remain one of the most hated devices in our electronics arsenal. Designer Duck Young Kong is hoping his hip new concept clock's pull-cord operation is charming enough to keep you from hucking it out the window. To set the alarm you simply pull the cord on the bottom of the unit until the numbers on the LCD screen reflect the time you wish to get up. The cord then slowly retracts into the clock as your awakening approaches, until it reaches the end and the alarm sounds. The alarm can be turned off by pushing (punching?) the LCD screen, so we're hoping the production models are made with durability in mind. Of course there's always the chance that like some alarms it'll kill you instead, but at least you'll have fun setting it.

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