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(Pioneer's) European Blu-ray launch delayed


This has been floating around the net for the last day, and has had some discussion in the comments of Matt's post earlier. Just to make sure everyone is clear, despite the title of this article, it doesn't say Blu-ray as a whole is delayed in Europe, only Pioneer products like the BDP-HD1 player. Just like the US launch, we still anticipate Samsung's (already-delayed) BD-P1000 will be the first Blu-ray player launched in Europe in September, not to mention the Playstation 3 console from Sony. Barring a statement to the contrary, we still assume there will be media available once those are available to buyers and that other players will follow.

As we noted previously, Toshiba's European HD DVD launch is a bit more clearly defined, but we are still awaiting a date and price.

[Corrected manufacturer, thanks Grubert!]

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