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Zelda spinoff RPG to star Tingle, in a 'pink-colored rupee land'


Nintendo has launched the official website (in Japanese) for the upcoming Zelda spinoff, Tingle's Pink-colored Rupee Land, an RPG for DS. Say it with us: Tingle's. Pink-colored. Rupee. Land.

Recently, GameSpot shed some light on the title, referring to the game by its Japanese name 'Mogitate Tingle no Barairo Happy Land,' or literally, "A Fresh Tingle's Rose-Colored Happy Land":

"[The] game's plot apparently follows an average middle-aged guy ... [who] finds himself mixed up in a sort of wager. An old man named Rupee-ji ... invites our hero to collect the familiar currency of Hyrule and toss it into the spring. As a result, he opens up a path to the 'Happy Land,' a paradise where wine, women, and song are in ample supply. As soon as he agrees to give it a try, the protagonist is transformed and appears wearing the familiar Tingle outfit."

[Via 1up; visit DS Fanboy for more details]

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