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Ninjapass allows flash cart-less homebrew on Nintendo DS

Evan Blass

If you've been waiting around for an easy way to play homebrew swag on your Nintendo DS or DS Lite, then prepare yourself for the stealthily-named Ninjapass. Like a handful of other solutions already on the market, this device lets you load up your games and play them directly from the DS cartridge slot -- no flash cart required. There's only 64MB of onboard memory, but you do get passcard functionality to boot content from the GameBoy Advance slot, along with a multi-game menu, convenient system for saving games, and bundled USB 2.0 adapter for hassle-free file transfer. The Ninjapass is currently available to pre-order -- it will ship when "stock arrives" at an unspecified date -- for $52, or a little less if you order in bulk.

[Via DS Fanboy]

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