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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: Return of the Friend Codes

Jason Wishnov

Japanese magazine Corocoro has several scans that reveal a plethora of information regarding the upcoming Pokemon incarnations Diamond and Pearl. While plenty of trivial boring inconsequential details were given about specific Pokemon and moves, the highlights are as follows:

  • The tentative Japanese release date for both games is September 28th, 2006.
  • The new legendary (read: boxart worthy) Pokemon are Diaruga (Diamond Version), who controls time, and Parukia (Pearl Version), who controls space.
  • The antagonists are known as Team Galaxy, who will be featured in Pokemon Ranger as well.
  • In battles, the bottom screen will be used for menus and the like. Easy viewing of other Pokemon's status?
  • WiFi features will be in full force, but they utilize...gulp...the dreaded Friend Code system.
That's right, folks, Friend Codes are back. Nintendo seems unwilling to let go of this rather archaic system, though it might be slightly more excused in the Pokemon universe...a grand list of fifty thousand players offering and looking for certain Pokemon types might make things a bit too easy. The ability to pick up a quick match with a stranger, however, would not be unwelcome...

[Thanks Nushio, Matt T., and Thousand Dragoon Link!]

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