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FCC comes clean on Motorola KRZR (Canary)

Chris Ziegler

If you've had any lingering questions about Motorola's RAZR successor, the KRZR -- aka Canary, aka RAZR 2, aka RAZR K1 -- you might shuffle on over to the FCC's site and have a look-see. All the good stuff on the GSM variant has gone live, with unfettered access to external and internal pics plus a draft user's manual. The KRZR does get honest-to-goodness EDGE which'll be a fun experience for original V3 owners making the switch -- but as Pete pointed out, it's basically a glossy, slimmed down RAZR, so don't expect any juicy specs buried in the documents. If by chance you still find yourself mesmerized by all that blue, glossy goodness, look for the KRZR at your friendly local Cingular outlet come this fall.

[Thanks, Handset Freak]

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