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Best Buy to offer house-brand HDTVs

Erik Hanson

In a move sure to warm some of our editors' hearts, Best Buy is reportedly launching its own house brand of HDTVs, cables, and accessories this fall. Under the Insignia moniker, there will be a 42-inch LCD flat panel, with HDMI, to retail around US$ 1500. They will also be releasing three under-27-inch LCDs with the same brand name. There's no mention in the article on what the sets' resolutions will be, or who is manufacturing the components for them, but to go with that new TV, you can pick up some of Best Buy's Rocketfish-brand cables and accessories, or an Insignia upconverting DVD player on your way out.

While I don't think anyone expects Best Buy's rebranded HDTVs to compete with the latest Pioneer Elite 1080p model, do you think they can hold their own against all the other middle- and low-end set manufacturers?

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