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Rabid dogs feast on innocent electronic devices


Perhaps it's unfair to cast the canine in the role of the profusely slobbering, devil-eyed villain, but the gruesome fate that befell one man's DS Lite (yes, worse than a hinge cracking) certainly makes it seem as if the dog didn't care much for man's best electronic friend. Whether it was jealousy brought on by a cute Nintendogs puppy or simply the realization that glossy white plastic looks extremely delicious, the dog's actions were luckily undone by a call to Nintendo and a $50 repair fee.

A few months back, a poor PSP experienced a similar gnashing, having been caught in the drooling mouth of an overly playful puppy. It's a grisly sight and serves as a warning to all those that would leave their precious electronics within jaw's reach. We're curious -- how many of you have come home to realize that your pet has somehow destroyed a piece of your gaming collection? And how many of you wuv your pets regardless of how many times they've chewed on your copy of Dead to Rights?

[Via DS Fanboy]

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