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Go Pro's Digital Hero waterproof wrist camera

Stan Horaczek

When given your choice of aquatic wrist-wear this summer, why opt for the nerdy-but-possibly-lifesaving SenTAG, when Go Pro's Digital Hero shock-proof polycarbonate sport wrist camera is so much more interesting? Sure, it's gigantic and unwieldy, but it weighs less than 3-ounces and is waterproof up to a depth of 30-feet. Plus, it goes around your wrist! What else could you want? Specs? Oh, right. With 32MB of internal memory, you can expect to get VGA photos and QVGA videos, with the latter giving a frame-rate less like Step Into Liquid and more like an old movie of Babe Ruth running the bases. We admit, it doesn't quite live up to legitimate underwater cams like Pentax's Optio WPi, but for $80, including the necessary AAA battery, what can you expect? Just think of the totally rad footage you'll get when you combine it with your Tony Hawk helmet cam.

[Via Travelizmo]

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