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Promo card hints at Prey movie

Joystiq Staff

Let's all hope that Uwe Boll doesn't catch wind of this, but an astute Joystiq reader brought something very interesting to our attention. In true Wheels of Fortune style, our little tipster figured out that according to a Prey promotional card included in the 360 game, a movie based on the newly released title could be in the works.

Filling in the blanks of the secret code "prymvyscrnplycmng2007" reveals the possible: Prey movie screenplay coming 2007. Now granted, the people behind this may not know how to spell the word "movie" correctly (notice it says "mvy"), but it can't be sheer coincidence that this just happens to spell out this particular message, can it?

For those of us who've spent some time with the game, we know how good the story is. So, put in the right hands, it could make for a very entertaining movie. So long as you know who doesn't take charge.

[Thanks, Chris Soulodre]

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