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Publishers missing out on Wii revenue


Well, duh.

Ubisoft was the only publisher who saw potential in the console, potential enough to create a new IP and take a chance on Nintendo's next-generation gaming system, a console that had been merely shrugged off as another GameCube. In speaking with, James Lin, an industry analyst and consultant for Simba Group, commented that a lot of publishers were "caught off guard" and "weren't expecting anything." Ubisoft, obviously, stands to gain a significant amount of revenue when their game Red Steel releases alongside the console.

Only time will tell how publishers will see the Wii. Should the console be a success this holiday season, which we think it will be, then Nintendo should gain a significantly larger third-party presence on their console than the GameCube enjoyed. Last chance here guys, better get on board.

[Via Next-Gen]

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