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Should we consider the PSP dead?

Joystiq Staff

There's a fairly decent write up over at Gameworld that takes a look at the success so far for Sony's PSP. Without a library of hugely-successful titles -- at least when compared to other systems -- and the near death of the UMD movie format, is it time we all just gave up on the PSP ever being a viable gaming platform?

Well, Gameworld sure does make some convincing arguments. Here are just a couple:

  • To date there are currently only three PSP titles that have sold over one million units. They include Grand Theft Auto: Liberty Stories with 2.84 million, Ridge Racer with 1.04 million, and Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee at 1 million.
  • ... the DS Lite shines brighter in every aspect, and finally gamers budgets are going to be very strained over the course of the next ten months at least as we all rush to buy the Wii, PS3, or an Xbox 360.
We all have our own personal gripes about the system, with problems ranging from exceedingly long load times to just poor control schemes on lazy ports. The question is, will there ever be a game on the PSP that you just have to have? Is Loco Roco really the answer for a system that can't seem to catch on with the masses -- at least compared to its cheaper competitors -- or is it forever doomed to lay waste in mediocrity?

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