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ShelfMenu - a menubar clipboard utility

David Chartier

ShelfMenu is a menubar clipboard app that can store just about anything you can copy to Mac OS X's clipboard; images, URLs, text snippets, etc. Your clippings are stored into folders which you can create, rename and move - all while preserving anything you've already clipped to them. ShelfMenu offers two input methods: a simple text editor window, and simply adding the last thing you copied to Mac OS X's clipboard.

This looks like a handy utility for anyone on the hunt for a clipboard application, as it offers an out-of-the-way, yet accessible clipboard that can handle more than simple text snippets. I personally prefer the Quicksilver clipboard plugin, since we're such Quicksilver nuts here at TUAW, but I would probably give ShelfMenu a try if Quicksilver were ever to to be instantly erased from the internets and my Mac overnight.

ShelfMenu is donationware and available from CeMacSoft. I can't track down any information as to whether it is a Tiger-only but it is a Universal Binary. Feel free to let us know in the comments.

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