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Dead or Alive demo drop kicks XBLM

Are you the type who lounges around, waiting for new demos to drop on Xbox Live Marketplace and then, when they do, you scream bloody murder if they're not for the latest and greatest? Yeah? Well, have we got one for you. Major Nelson has put up a post on his complaint repository heralding the arrival of a new demo for the now seven month-old Dead or Alive 4. I know, like, can you believe this guy?

Patient as always (with the help of some really good therapy we presume), Major reminded the throngs of ungrateful monkeys, "Remember guys, you all have probably had your Xbox 360 since November ... but thousands are being sold every month, so that means a lot of new people are coming on to Xbox Live and the Marketplace that may not have the game, or even heard of that game. So in that regard, this is new content for a LOT of new people."

Yeah, so there. She weighs in at around 680MB so get downloadin'.

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