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Sigma A.P.O. releasing another spill-proof keyboard

Evan Blass

Now that we know how to clean our water-damaged electronics, we're not quite as concerned with spill-proof keyboards as we used to be, but that isn't stopping manufacturers from releasing new products targeted at clumsy drinkers. Following the model from Lenovo we spotted awhile back (along with past offerings from IBM and Logitech) comes Japanese manufacturer Sigma A.P.O.'s hole-filled keyboard known as the WRKB108, available in white, black, or silver -- but only with a Japanese character set. Besides channeling the occasional spilled coffee through the board and onto your lap, this model also sports a special UV paint that's said to make it stronger and more dirt-repellent, although its five million keystroke rating doesn't sound all that impressive to us. Luckily Sigma's only charging $25 for this miracle of modern design, so even if it craps out after a few months, you're not much worse off than you started. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via Digital World Tokyo]

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