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The unofficial Xbox Live Arcade sales chart, and other useless facts


C4Lukins, a member of the NeoGAF forums, has posted the results of his unofficial Xbox Live Arcade survey. C4 figured he could generate a rough estimate of XBLA game sales by recording the number of the last position on each game's leaderboard. To avoid scrolling through tens of thousands of positions on each leaderboard, C4 set out to land the lowest possible score on as many XBLA titles as he had access to. In his own words: "It can actually be quite challenging to suck worse then everyone else..."

While it's nearly impossible to determine if his final numbers* are even close to accurate, C4 has made some other quirky discoveries that are certainly worth a mention:

  • "Over 20,000 Uno players have not managed to win a single single-player game"
  • "Somehow people are managing to get a lower score then 200 on Joust, despite the fact that you get 4 lives and 50 points each time you die"
  • "The worst finishing time on the first level of Marble Blast Ultra is over an hour"
*Hexic HD has the highest count because it comes pre-installed on the Xbox 360 HDD (Premium Bundle).

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