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LCD 1080p sets with DVR coming soon from LG

Erik Hanson

Doubling up on LG news today, the Korean manufacturer has announced two more high-definition 1080p LCD sets that also include 250-gig digital video recorders built into the cabinet, so that you can record up to 92 hours of standard-definition programming. The sets will join the already-announced 47- and 55-inch models LG produces, and will be initially available in Korea now, with the US market to follow. The two models include 37-inch and 42-inch sets (models 37LB2DR and 42LB2DR), both with 6000:1 contrast ratios and a 6ms response time, which should help with gaming on that new 1080-capable PS3 when they are released in the third quarter. The nice thing about these sets is the DVR inside, as well as the fact they are expected to have only a 10% price premium over standard 720-pixel sets.

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