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Sonic Wildfire in development for two years?!


Go Nintendo has an interesting snippet taken from issue #6 of the UK Official Nintendo Magazine where Sonic Wildfire is discussed. Apparently in development for two years, the game is based off of Arabian Nights and will follow Sonic as he adventures through a book and looks to go back to the roots of the title by instilling that sense of speed once again. The game also will see the return of Dr. Robotnik Eggman and is to feature even more ways to use the Wiimote than were presented in the E3 demo.

Yojiro Ogawa also expressed some interest in bringing another franchise to the Wii in the article. Thinking that it is "fantastic hardware," he would like to bring a new franchise, completely unrelated to Sonic, to the console, utilizing the entire spectrum of capabilities the Wiimote offers.

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