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Colorware's limited-edition MacBook Pro Apple logo replacement

Ryan Block, @ryan

It was only a matter of time before those crazy fools over at Colorware took their strange voodoo laptop customization rituals to the next level, which has resulted in what some might consider an unholy abomination against his Steveness: the non-Apple emblazoned MacBook Pro. Limited to a run of just a few units, Colorware's custom machined lid still lights up as your classic Mac might, but provides sweet freedom from the oppression of that white upside-down fruit. They've got ten or fewer laptops on hand built to order for a client at a price unbeknownst to us, so if you're looking to snag one you'd really better be prepared to pull some serious strings (and have the bankbook to prove your love).

P.S. -Next stop: the real-deal Ceci n'est pas un MacBook Pro?

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