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More evidence of an October release?


We're starting to seriously think the Wii will launch in October. Now enter a bold Joystiq informant who relayed a listing to Joystiq that told of a couple leaked Activision release dates for Wii titles. The listing, which is pictured above, shows Tony Hawk Downhill Jam with an October release date and Call of Duty 3, along with Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, having a release date of November. This image was hastily changed and the informant's inbox was on the receiving end of a revised listing that merely stated these games of having a release date of "Upon Wii launch." Interesting...

Joystiq was able to ascertain that the individual responsible for altering the listings was a part of Activision's international media relations team. Considering that Activision is one of the few third-party publishers in full support of the Wii, the idea of them knowing the final release date is not all that far-fetched.

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