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Evergreen's DN-SCM81 7.1 USB audio adaptor

Matt Burns

Evergreen is back at their game of low price USB oddities again, and this time around they have produced the DN-SCM81, an inexpensive 7.1 surround USB audio device. This little guy may not have a fancy casing or even a clever name, but it sure gets the job done with its extensive array of inputs and outputs. They loaded it up with one line level, one optical and two microphone inputs, along with one headphone, one optical and 5.1 outputs. We have seen devices like this before, but none have ever reached the rock bottom cost of $25 -- a price for which your surround sound audio will surely suffer. Then again, with a box this cheap you really have no excuse not to enjoy 7.1 off of your laptop into that high-priced audio system you just had to have.

[Via Engadget Japan]

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