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When is a premade not a premade? When it's a PuG.

Jennie Lees

One word, when uttered in the context of battlegrounds, has the ability to send shivers down a team's collective spine -- "premade". Of course, whether they're shivers of fear or joy depends on whether you're part of a premade team or not, and it seems to me that the differences between premade teams and pick-up groups in battlegrounds won't change much come 1.12.

But how does one define a premade? In the seemingly interminable wait between battlegrounds, I've discussed this topic and it seems that everyone's got a different idea of quite when to apply the word. Premades are hardcore", "premades play 24/7", "premades have vent", "premades are a group queueing together". Some consider it a dirty word, others revel in the fact that they have a core team together before entering a battleground and have to rely less on random people filling up the side. What do you take the term "premade" to mean?

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