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"Ludology" is now jargon

Ross Miller

Wired's monthly Jargon Watch feature has listed ludology as new bit jargon alongside fratire, chassis (in a non-automotive sense) and social jet lag. According to Jonathon Keats of Wired, ludology (from the latin word ludus, meaning "games") is the academic study of videogames. Intellectual sites such as Jesper Juul's The Ludologist and Gonzalo Frasca's consistently provide us with thought-provoking material on our favorite entertainment medium.

Now that ludology is official jargon, does this mean game criticism will become more mainstream? Someone go tell Klosterman, quick!

In the meantime, might we propose a bit of jargon: joystiquery. We know this will probably start an anti-Joystiq flame war, but we will update the post later with the best definition given to us in the comments below.

[via The Ludologist]

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