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A look at 7-11's potential Wii slip up

Joystiq Staff

GameSpot does a nice breakdown of this issue that Infendo brought up concerning the 7-11 Wii promotion and a listed approximate retail value of the console stated at $299.

Since Nintendo has already gone on record and said the price of the Wii will not go above the $250 mark, could this 7-11 slip up be a sign that Nintendo changed their mind amidst the hype? Not so much.

Conventional wisdom would suggest that perhaps the 7-11 ARV price would include some sort of package deal with the Wii, maybe an included game. The only sign that this is not the case, is the other products listed in the promotion are consistent with their normal retail value.

At the moment, Nintendo has kept quiet about the whole thing, so we'll all just have to keep a close eye on whether or not the company will go back on their sub-$250 word.

Oh, and by the way, the contest begins Nov. 1.

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