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SED sedentarily sedated

Erik Hanson

AVS Forum'0s has a newsletter post from TV Week magazine about the trials and tribulations facing a really cool TV technology we first mentioned almost a year ago called SED, or Surface-conduction Electron-emitter Displays, which were hyped as the Best of What's New 2005, yet aren't scheduled to be released to the market until the Olympics in Beijing in 2008. SED is yet another joint venture by Toshiba, joining Canon to produce these sets for consumers last year.

Unfortunately, they've been set back by delays, many of which are presumably tied to the huge investments in plasma and LCD production lines, so it's felt that the production process en masse isn't competitive with those for other television technologies. It's too bad, as from almost all reports on the technology, SED is the display type to beat for many categories: power consumption, color reproduction, cabinet thickness, contrast, black levels, and more.

[Thanks, David]

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