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Universal HD DVD price drop already in effect?


That's the way it seems, at least on some movies. While the price drop is not supposed to take effect until the 8th, over the last week sharp-eyed buyers have seen prices drop on such titles as Pitch Black & Serenity from $23.95 on Amazon to $19.95, and also reports of Best Buy prices going down to $22.99. A quick look around shows many Warner and Universal titles also listing with lowered prices at this time, although some movies like Jarhead and The Rundown (both from Universal) still reflect the higher $23.95 price. Meanwhile, the newer Paramount releases like Tomb Raider & Sleepy Hollow are all set at $29.99 from both retailers at this time.

All those titles sliding down in price while more new release movies join the Blu-ray lineup may skew that average just a bit.

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