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Camino build optimized for Intel

David Chartier

For Intel Mac users who are just ga-ga for Camino, a helpful MozillaZine Forums user by the name of heronstalker has posted a build of Camino optimized for Intel Macs - but only for Intel Macs. This is not a Universal Binary, it's a... Singular Binary, er something.

I ran my old 'n busted copy of Camino against this new hotness Intel build on my 2.0 Ghz MacBook Pro, and I *think* it feels zippier. Of course, it could just be the fancy new Intel shine, so YMMV. For those users interested in saving some disk space, however, this build shaves 17MB off Camino's footprint; my Universal Camino is 39.9MB, while the Singular Binary Camino (yes, I know that isn't a real term) is only 22.3MB (this is a great example of why apps like Monolingual exist).

This Intel build, which is the latest 1.0.2 version, btw, can be had from this MozillaZine Forum post.

Thanks Jason Piper

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