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Loco Roco Video Sandwich special!


The past few stories about Loco Roco have been a bit too depressing. Let's ignore the low sales and remember the good things about the game: like happy happy graphics and even happier music. That's what this fun, candy-coated Loco Roco fan video does. It showcases some images from the game and puts it to the absolutely fantastic music of the game. If this doesn't make you happy, then you've lost your childhood somewhere along the way.

The bottom video of this special edition Video Sandwich shows you how to get every single secret in the downloadable demo. Pretty helpful for those of you that want to earn your Loco Roco Rewards the right way. It's intersting to see the things that you may have missed. (I know without this video, I would've never found that final fruit that I've been missing!)

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