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Columbia Records & Apple offer exclusive pre-order of Bob Dylan's new album, ticket promo

David Chartier

I guess the times certainly are a changin', as the man Bob Dylan himself has hopped on board with Apple and the iTunes Music Store to offer an exclusive pre-order ($13.99) of his upcoming new album, Modern Times, which lands on August 29th. Ticketmaster has even tossed their hat in, just like with the Red Hot Chili Peppers promo back in April, and is offering a pre-sale ticket opportunity for select dates on Mr. Dylan's tour to fans who pre-order the album.

Now if that isn't enough Bob for you, Apple has also created a digital box set simply called 'The Collection' which boasts 800 songs, but be careful using that one-click purchase option: it's $199, and also lands on the 29th. "Bob Dylan is one of the most respected poets and musicians of our time, and he is a personal hero of mine," said Steve Jobs, Apple's CEO, calling this opportunity a "a real thrill for us."

Modern Times (iTMS link) is available for pre-order today, and fans who purchase it will receive a Ticketmaster code by email which can be used to get in on that pre-sale at starting August 30th, while the tickets go on sale to the public September 9th. More information can be found at, as well as

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