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The Long Road to a Flying Mount

Mike Schramm

Abro from the Crushridge server has a great question: What's it going to take to get one o' them fancy flyin' mounts? Blue posts in the thread, but all they do is point us to the already-up preview site for the Nether Drakes. (In which, incidentally, I learned that we won't even be able to touch a flying mount until level 70!) But everyone, of course, has lots of guesses about what we'll have to do to take to the air.

First of all, you know it's going to cost money, and lots of it. A normal mount runs about 90g or so, and an epic mount runs 1,000g, so most people are guessing at 10,000g at least. But then again, it could be higher-- Blizzard is saying there's going to be a lot of content between 60 and 70, and they clearly want a flying mount to be the ultimate prestige item. So it's not unlikely that they'll probably require some sort of quest item as well-- although even Blizzard wouldn't be so heartless as to put the necessary item in a 40-man raid instance... would they?

There's more they can do to you. Lots of people are suggesting faction grinding, which seems really mean, but the video trailer does say it'll cost us "Quests, Reputation, Shopkeepers, or a combination of these three." At any rate, it sounds like it's going to be a long time before any of us lift off on a Nether Drake.

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