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Captain Obvious: Camp Hyrule says Wii won't exceed $250

Joystiq Staff

Apparently, we have a lot of very excited little campers, because just about every single one of the Camp Hyrule participants has flooded our inbox with the fact that it mentions in some legal writing area that the Wii will not exceed $250 -- you see at Camp Hyrule they are giving away a Wii as a prize.

Thank goodness Captain Obvious is here at Joystiq to calm everyone down. Listen, fans, we understand your excitement at every little bit of Nintendo info that squeezes out into the Internets. But, when you see something that's already been stated months before -- and a few times we might add -- it's pretty safe to say that we already knew the Wii wouldn't exceed $250.

Phew. Another case solved by Captain Obvious. Thanks Cap.

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