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Putting the desperate back into Desperate Housewives

Joystiq Staff

Last week I was able to get a sneak peek and play the latest game to capitalize on a successful franchise -- Desperate Housewives. Planned for release this fall on the PC, the game is really nothing more than a stripped down Sims with a TV show name and premise slapped on it.

Here were my highlights as I walked down Wisteria Lane:

  • Took a shower with my pixelated naked character
  • Tried to go to the bathroom -- no luck
  • Changed into my Desperate Housewives jumpsuit
  • Went outside, planted a flower
  • Went to the neighbors house, had sex with male neighbor
  • Went outside, found another man, had sex with him
  • Tried to have sex with female neighbor, but denied
So yeah, that pretty much sums up this game. Designed for women in mind, this game seems like the kind of thing your mom would dig. Just make sure she's not getting any extra love from the mailman because of it. You know, because video games influence our actions so much, and all.

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