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LG VX8600, VX9900 show signs of life on Verizon site

Chris Ziegler

Spelunking through the nooks and crannies of carriers' websites often yield tidbits on upcoming phones; Verizon's Backup Assistant page is doing the honors today, shedding light on a couple of LGs that'll be dropping shortly. First up is the "big brother to the VX9800," the VX9900, a phone our own Boy Genius told us would be dropping in September -- the 4th to be exact, if Verizon's documentation is to be trusted. Next is the VX8600, which we believe will expand LG's Chocolate franchise in the US to the clamshell form factor. Of course, some of us are still waiting for even a single GSM Chocolate to officially launch stateside, but more power to our CDMA compadres for scoring two of 'em.

[Thanks, Damian]

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