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"Mobile Battery Slim" DS Lite battery charger


Given the DS Lite's already impressive battery life, we're not sure how big a market there is for a mobile battery charger, but if you want to be able to bust out a few more Electroplankton tunes on your next cross-country road trip, this may be just your fix. Exact details are a bit hard to discern, but JTT's "Mobile Battery Slim" will apparently give your DS Lite's battery a boost when your stuck without a power outlet, although it's not clear how much of a charge it'll give you, or for that matter, if you can just power the DS directly from the battery for some non-stop gaming. What's more, while it's obviously designed primarily for use with the DS, it'll also work with FOMA or KDDI cellphones with the optional adapters, or even a digital camera or PSP. The battery itself is charged either through a USB connection or an AC adapter. Look for it to hit the streets in Japan later this month for a reasonable 3,800 Yen (just over $30 US).

[Via DS Fanboy]

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